Custom Floating

Agro Source now offers Custom Floating!

Contact our office for more information. To request custom floating please fill out the form below.

Please fill out a Floater Request Form or contact us to schedule a date for floating.

You will be contacted by phone before any floating is done to confirm all the information is correct.

If you do not receive a reply via email, please try to re-email us at or give us a call at 250-782-4449. As we have been having some difficulties receiving the forms.

Floater Request Form

Our Floater Operator Devon Schultz!

Floater Operator

If you have any questions about floating please contact Don Biegel or Devon Schultz through phone, text or email.

Phone/text: Don: 250-784-6508 – Devon: 250-784-7895

Email: Don: – Devon: