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Grain Marketing


Agro Source has the marketing opportunities you need. We buy all grades of Oats, Barley, Wheat, Canola, Peas and Rye. Our focus is on 2CW Oats. Please refer to the Grain Prices section for current rates.

Our Products & Services

Bulk Fertilizer

Agro Source offers a broad range of fertilizer products. We carry granular Urea, Phosphate, Potash, Sulphate and ESN Slow Release Nitrogen and do custom blending to fit your needs.

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Agro Source sells a variety of canola seed, as well as seed oats, seed barley, seed wheat and seed peas.

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Pesticides & Crop Protection

Agro Source carries a wide selection of chemical products. Whether it’s herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or seed treatment you are looking for, we have the resources to help you locate what you need.

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Bagged Fertilizer

Agro Source carries a variety of blended fertilizer bags. Custom blends are also available upon request.

Bagged Forage & Grass Seed

Get the current prices on all bagged forage and grass seed that Agro Source has to offer.

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Custom Spraying

Agro Source offers Custom Spraying. Please fill out a Sprayer Request Form or contact us to book you in.

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