Grain Marketing

Agro Source has the Grain Marketing opportunities you need.

We buy all grades of
Oats, Barley, Wheat, Canola, Peas and Rye.

Our focus is on 2CW Oats.
Please refer to the Grain Prices page for current rates.

If you are looking to purchase grain, please contact us for pricing.


Grain Prices change fast so be sure to check the last time the prices were updated. If you have any questions regarding grain prices, please contact us.

Agro Source also offers custom grain and fertilizer hauling to and from Agro Source. Please contact us for more information, or fill out our Custom Trucking Request Form.

Grain Drying Services

At Agro Source we can dry grain to help farmers condition their tough or damp grain. Contact us for our drying rates and more information.

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Grain Marketing Manager

Contact Don for more information on Grain Marketing.

Phone: 250-782-4449 (Office) or 250-784-6508 (Cell)