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Bonded with Canadian Grain Commission

Agro Source is bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission.

Great Customer Service

Agro Source serves large and small farmers alike. Great customer service is important to us.

Maximize Grain Prices

Agro Source achieves maximum grain prices by selling into different markets all around the world.

Certified Experience

Agro Source has professional certified staff that can help with any questions or concerns regarding the grain industry.

Over 30 Years Experience

The owners Don & Kane have been working in the farming and grain industry for over 30 years. In 2000 they became partners and established Agro Source Ltd.

Supply a broad range of Crop Input

Agro Source supplies of a broad range of crop inputs.


Agro Source Ltd. is a private locally owned business, founded in March of 2000 and located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, in the heart of the Peace River Country, the largest agricultural region in the province and Canada’s northernmost major farming region.

Agro Source’s various services include grain marketing and the supply of a broad range of crop inputs. Our focus is on helping the crop producers of the Peace Region succeed by providing them quality inputs at competitive prices and achieving maximum grain prices by selling into different markets.

Don Biegel

Owner of Agro Source Ltd.

Kane Piper

Owner of Agro Source Ltd.

About Don & Kane

Don and Kane founded Agro Source Ltd. together in 2000 sensing a need for a small locally run grain facility that has the interest of all farmers in mind. Don and Kane come from farming families and know the industry well, they both have a genuine love for farming and the community it brings together.

Don manages Agro Source full time, while Kane manages the farm and Agro Source behind the scenes!

Contact Information:

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