Resistance Workshop

mixitup | Resistance Workshop | Dawson Creek

Agro Source’s Resistance Workshop on March 17th Debrief 

risk resistance | workshop | Dawson Creek

The course took place March 17th. From 10:00am – 12:00pm. In the New chemical warehouse building conference room.

With the adoption of practices like no-till, methods of weed control have drastically changed through the years.  Heavy reliance on chemical applications has contributed to some major buildup of resistance through weeds like wild oats, cleavers, and kochia.

We are now only a month and a bit away until our 2016 seeding season begins and the time is now to plan out your approach to weed management. Thank you to Ashley Smith with Bayer for taking a deeper look at which weeds are at the highest risk of robbing our yields & quality and how we can address practices of systematic control for 2016.

Guest Speakers:

Ashley Smith – CropScience
(Division of Bayer)

And thank you to everyone who attended!

For more information on our Resistance Workshop or future Workshops call Agro Source at 250-782-4449